Rhubarb and Ginger Gin


I am an obsessive reader of food blogs. I have about 20 of my favourites bookmarked on my computer, and consider it a good use of a few hours to go through them all on a regular basis. Some people put up new entries with astonishing regularity – I consider anything over the one post a week that I manage as pretty superhuman.

rhubarb cordial

Every blog contains in it the promise of inspiration- whether it be a new recipe, an interesting way of styling a shot or simply a well written post. The best blogs, in my opinion, have to have good photographs- that’s why most of the blogs I follow are by food photographers. The attention to detail and the quality of the photographs always inspires me to push myself in my own photography.


I’m always excited when I discover a new blog. Usually, this comes about via Instagram, which is my new Facebook, although that rather seems like replacing heroin with cocaine.  Lately I discovered not one but two new blogs – Call Me Cupcake (don’t be put off by the twee name) by the Swedish photographer Linda Lomelino, and Nordljus, by the Japanese photographer Keiko Oikawa. Both of these blogs contain photographs that make me want to weep with how beautiful they are.


One of the things that inspired me about the photography in both of these blogs in their attention to how each shot is set up – creating a balanced composition and filling the frame. Each item is placed with such precision, yet looks very natural. So I tried to emulate this in my photos for this post. I used a vase of flowers and a chequered cloth as props, to add visual interest. I also thought carefully about how I positioned each item, and how the colours would work together. And after all that, I fancied a bit of gin.

Makes about 700ml

70cl gin

350g jar of stem ginger in syrup

150ml rhubarb cordial (I got this from Ikea of all places – if you can’t find it then just leave it out)

Pour approx. 400ml out of the gin bottle, to leave room for the ginger and rhubarb cordial. Chop the stem ginger into pieces small enough to fit into the neck of the bottle, and push them in. Pour in the syrup from the jar of stem ginger, then top up with rhubarb cordial. Screw the cap back on, give the bottle a good shake, and leave for at least a month, then strain and rebottle.

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