Hub Box, Exeter


This is a first for the blog – a restaurant review. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of doing reviews, as I feel a bit uncomfortable with the snobbery surrounding them, and the notion that some people have more say in what constitutes a good meal than others. However, when I heard that a Hub Box, a gourmet burger and hot dog joint originally hailing from St.Ives, was opening in my neck of the woods, I thought I’d give it a shot.

outside and menu

Hub Box, so named for its incorporation of an industrial shipping container into the interior, offers freshly prepared, delicious burgers and hot dogs, using locally-sourced meat and served on artisan brioche. I opted for the recommended full-on meat heart attack burger called ‘The Big Kahuna’, which involves the overwhelming combination of beef burger, BBQ pulled pork and cheese, with a side of onion rings. Other tempting options include ‘Hot Chick’, comprising of buttermilk fried chicken with butternut mayo, or the ‘Mack Daddy’ – crispy mackerel, beetroot jam and horseradish mayo.


The restaurant caters really well for both vegetarians and vegans (my dining companion being the latter). The ‘Bella’ burger – grilled goats’ cheese, roasted red pepper, crispy courgette and beetroot mayo – sounded seriously tempting. The vegan option is a falafel burger with sweet chilli jam, charred corn and avocado salsa, which looked lovely. There’s an impressive range of sides, vegetarian and otherwise. One that deserves special mention is the ‘Burnt End Beans’ – in-house made baked beans, with bits of smoky pulled pork hidden in the tomatoey depths. The restaurant also offers a range of craft beers to wash down the delectable grub with.

burger on table

I went in with very high expectations of this place, and it delivered on all counts. The food was cooked to perfection, presented with care, and the service was excellent. It was very good value for money, especially considering the quality of the dishes and the generous portions. Hub Box is a very exciting addition to Exeter’s food scene, and I’ll definitely be returning.

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