Food Photography Workshop


Recently, I have been thinking about doing food photography as an actual job, rather than just something to fiddle around with in my spare time. One day, I just happened to be on Instagram (as happens far too often..) and a post popped up by one of my favourite photographers, Marte Marie Forsberg, saying she is going to run two photography workshops. I scrolled down the information about the workshop, anticipating the inevitable disappointment when I find out it’s held in Norway, or some other far-flung exciting location that I have no means of getting to. However, as Marie has recently moved to a cottage in Shaftesbury, Dorset, I was in luck. A mere two hours’ drive through rolling green hills to get there.


I had slight trouble deciding which workshop to attend, one being about how to develop food photography into a career, and the other a more general introduction. So I ended up attending both, and have just arrived back from the second. They were both fantastic, well organised (thanks to Marie’s brilliant producer, Zoe Timmers), inspirational and we all learnt a hell of a lot. There were so many lovely touches: fresh flowers on display as we came in; pastries and hot chocolate to enjoy as Marie introduced herself and told us about her  journey. We then had several out and about assignments at local businesses, such as the Grosvenor Arms, a restaurant and hotel that produces some mighty fine pasta dishes.


Then it was back to the cottage to snuggle up (with more hot chocolate) and review our shots. We all came from such a variety of backgrounds – existing photographers, food bloggers, food stylists, investment bankers, caterers. It was great to meet so many like-minded people, who were all so passionate about food, photography and combining the two. I left both the workshops feeling inspired, invigorated, and determined to give food photography a go as a career.

gold hill

2 thoughts on “Food Photography Workshop

  1. Hi Katie
    I have so enjoyed your recipes although I remain a gastric guzzler and regard food as mere fuel. Inspired by you this might yet change.
    Your photos are gorgeous the arrangements and the results. I look forward to your postings.
    Most of all your reflectiveness in explaining choices, methods and your process inviting us to share vicariously in your passion.
    So, thank you for your generosity and every good wish as you pursue your dream.

    • Hi Juan,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it makes it all worthwhile! And it’s good to know it’s not just my mum who reads it!

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