Ricotta, Plums and Basil Oil


There’s something so satisfying about making food that is just for you, when you can indulge your idiosyncratic, even embarrassingly bizarre, tastes. Peanut butter and marmalade on toast, anyone?! I’m a big fan of slightly confusing combinations of sweet and savoury – particularly fruit and cheese. Ricotta is one of my all time favourite cheeses, and here its creamy, grainy texture is a welcome compliment to fragrant basil oil and musky plums.

Plum  Plum 2

This idea started in my head as the more conventional, savoury combination of tomatoes, ricotta and basil, but then morphed, thanks to some attractive purple-hued plums, into a more unusual one. I was stumped as to how to assemble and eat the resulting concoction, given that it’s neither savoury, or sweet. I ended up eating a good proportion of it straight out of the bowl. Then I made pesto out of the leftover basil leaves, and assembled the lot on some posh crackers.

Bowl 2

The basil oil recipe comes from Oliver Pratt, a chef who can talk so enthusiastically about any recipe that you immediately want to make it. You only need a drizzle for this recipe, so store the rest in an airtight bottle or jar.


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