Calligraphy and Cookies

Calligraphy and cookies

I recently went to a calligraphy workshop run by Imogen Owen. All red lipstick and sassy sense of humour, Imogen hand-letters profanities in the most beautiful way I have ever seen. Her down to earth ‘just get on with it’ attitude was so refreshing, and it’s lovely to be around someone so passionate about her craft.

Calligraphy paper

The workshop was held in The Forge, a beautiful space in Bristol where I previously attended an Autumn Styling workshop. It was on a Friday evening, so having had a long week at work, I wasn’t sure how much patience I would have for writing out letter templates. But there was something so relaxing about practising the same shapes over and over, the scratching of the pointed calligraphy nib on the thick paper, and the gentle babble of chatter.

Calligraphy table

These cookies are adapted from Nigel Slater recipe for pistachio and lemon cookies – I replaced pistachios with almonds and added coconut and dried apricots, using up remnants in my store cupboard. And, if we’re being honest, I found the letter ‘A’  easier to write than ‘P’.

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