My name is Katie, and I live in Bristol. I left university with little idea of what to do with my life (other than that I didn’t want to go down the default English graduate route and become a teacher). So I started a food blog. This blog is a record of my exploration of and experiments with my two  passions: food and photography.  The name ‘A Fanatical Foodie’ popped into my head one night, when I was lying awake at 2am agonising over the decision of whether to put fresh or sun-dried tomatoes in a pasta dish. There has been many a night’s sleep disrupted by such thoughts. So the word ‘fanatical’ just about covers it.

I have been doing this blog for over a year now. It has helped me immensely in finding a direction in my career, leading to internships with food magazines and food festivals.  I now work as the marketing manager for Cafe Grounded, a group of cafes in Bristol. This involves, among other things, food photography, and I’m amazed everyday that I get paid to do it.

Most of the recipes on here are my own creation, but some are inspired by/adapted from my favourite cookbooks, and this will be noted.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Katie,

    What beautiful pictures and recipes! I am drooling! Particularly at your honeycomb toffee and pavlova with summer berries! I’m new to blogging and really hoping to learn from you, your photos are incredible!
    Take care,

    • Hi Gen,

      Thanks for your comments, that makes it all worthwhile! I love your blog too – some really interesting recipes on there. What camera are you currently using?


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